Pattern Review: Hibiscus Hanging Toiletry Bag


It’s day 3 of my blog-a-day challenge and here’s another blog post from me. Today let’s talk about the Hibiscus Hanging Toiletry Bag. This bag is a collaboration by Blue Calla Patterns and Barabooboo Designs. You can find it on the Blue Calla Patterns website.

I have had this pattern for a while but hadn’t made one until last month. This was a quick and fun bag to put together. The instructions are clear and the YouTube videos that accompany it go over construction. You do have to have the pattern to complete the bag because it has all the measurements.

This is a cut and sew pattern, meaning that there are no pattern pieces except for the corner rounding template. I had all the supplies I needed except for the clear vinyl. I had run out so a quick run to the big box craft store and I was on my way. I had rose gold/copper zipper tape and pulls. I used black zipper tape on the outside and white zipper tape on the inside because it happened that I used a dark fabric on the outside and lighter fabric on the inside.

One thing I will note about this pattern is to pay attention to the instructions in the pattern and video so your zipper tape is going the direction you want. I usually put my zipper pulls on the left so I can pull it open with my right hand. I flubbed on this pattern and put all the zipper pulls to the right. Oops. I made the bag for myself so I’m not concerned about it.

I made this bag as a tester of sorts so I could see how long it takes and if I’d like to make some for sale. I decided that as I get faster at making the bag, that it would be something I could make a couple of to have at a craft market. The most time consuming parts are ironing the ties and attaching the bias binding. In my sample, you’ll see I haven’t rounded the corners or attached the bias binding to finish it off. I will finish it before the trip I’m taking in February because I want to take it with me. You may also notice I used black thread. Won’t be doing that again.

I will apologize for the above crappy photos. I didn’t take the photo during the day so no natural light. Both the interior and exterior fabrics are from Alison Glass. I have no idea which fabric designer had the pink solid in their collection.

I do want to mention that I was not paid or comped in any way for my review. With that being said, I would recommend this pattern if you’re looking for an organizer for toiletries, sewing notions, or any other crafts. It’s handy, quick to cut out, and sew. There’s plenty of opportunities to work on your top stitching skills but I definitely recommend matching thread. If you’re new to using vinyl the pattern designer gives tips and tricks for how to sew with it. You can also substitute mesh for the vinyl. ByAnnie has a wide range of colors of mesh but you can also cut up and substitute a mesh laundry bag for the pockets.

Happy Sewing!


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