Let’s Catch Up


What have I been up to the last year or so? My son recently turned 4 and started pre-school this fall and he’s loving it. I’m so glad he’s having a good time and I get a couple hours to focus on sewing. My husband and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary this fall.

Unfortunately, two of our dogs passed away and we had to rehome the third. Katy, the yellow lab, passed peacefully in her sleep one morning in February 2022. Chewie our smallest Yorkie left this world in May 2022. Mara was rehomed in August 2021 because she just wasn’t loving life with a 3 year old. She’s much happier in her kid-free, adult only home. We were without any animals for about 3 weeks and then we went to the humane society. We love fur-kids and came home with a 2 year old husky mix. His name is Lando Dogrissian and is the sweetest dog and loves our son. My husband even started an Instagram account for him. If you do Instagram, his handle is @huskylandod

I’ve been sewing more and more bags and less quilts. I love quilts but they take longer than most bags and I’ve been in love with handbags for a long time. I’m growing my bag making business and will be teaching some classes in May 2023 for a quilt guild.

That’ll do it for today. Happy Sewing!


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