Hand dyed products


Let’s talk about what I’ve been doing lately. I hand dyed some canvas over the summer and have been using it up making French Seams Tote Bags and pencil pouches. I wish I could say these are both my own patterns but they are not. I’ll get there one day.

The French Seams Tote Bag is from Svetlana Sotak of Sotak Handmade. She has the free tutorial on her YouTube channel. It’s a great pattern to have in your arsenal because it makes a great gift as a book bag or shopping bag. Here’s the video:

The second bag that I’ve been making quite a few of and pairing with the French Seams Tote Bag is Noodlehead’s Pencil Pouch. I love this pattern and use it frequently. I started out making these last year in my hand dyed canvas and initially wasn’t using the fusible fleece or batting as the pattern stated. I found them too floppy and when I started using fusible fleece it was a duh moment for me. The pencil pouches with fusible fleece hold their shape and they look better.

Here is the link to the pattern on Noodlehead’s website. There is a pattern piece to use to cut out the pencil pouches but if you’re a more experienced sewist or quilter, you can use a rotary cuter and ruler to cut out the four sides and then use a pair of scissors to cut out the boxed corner area.

Happy Sewing,


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