Sewing up a storm!


The last couple days I have been working on an Awesome Sewing and Travel Tote. It’s a fun tote pattern and I chose to make this one for a friend as a Christmas gift. I will say, it’s not for the faint of heart. Although not complicated, there are a lot of steps and turning out a bag with a vinyl bottom with stiff stabilizer is a workout for your upper body. The reward is a pretty cool and sturdy tote bag.

I started this bag this past Thursday evening by cutting out part of the bag and finished the cutting on Friday evening. Sewing took me the better part of Saturday and today. I was so focused on the bag, I forgot to write a blog post for yesterday and I’m getting this one up late tonight.

Here are the glamour shots I was able to get. I used a lightbox but I’m still not a great photographer. The exterior has two pockets on the front and back plus one pocket on each side. The interior has 1 patch pocket on each side and one zipper pocket front and back.

I hope it is well received.

Happy creating!


One comment

  1. Thanks for the post, Camille…..You are very good at describing, clearly, your processes. Your photos are good so don’t apologize…..that’s what quilters or women are always doing…pointing out stuff that isn’t perfect! Your posts are fun and interesting….keep it up….arden

    (Ms) Arden Shelton
    Portland, OR


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