Plump Partridges!


Let’s talk Christmas ornaments! I love decorating a Christmas tree but it’s been quite a few years since we’ve had a real tree. I have a small fake tree from a big box store that I usually decorate because we can put it up where the dogs or our son can’t get to it. This year, we’ll probably do the small fake tree again but I wanted to make something special for a friend who moved across the country this past year. She was oohing over some ornaments we both saw in a Facebook group so I set out to make her a set.

The Plump Partridge is a free pattern from the Modest Maven blog. I think they’re the cutest little things and they were quick to put together. About 20 minutes from cutting out to sewing to stuffing the birds with fiberfil. I only took a picture of one of the birds before I packed them up in the box and took them to the post office.

I used Tula Pink poms and stripes fabrics for the partridges in different colors. I hope to get a good picture from my friend of all the partridges when she gets them.

Happy creating!

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