Dabbling in Mixed Media


I’ve been inspired, in the last 9 months, by several mixed media artists. There are too many to name everyone I follow on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube but some of my favorites are:

  • Dina Wakley – Dina’s expressive drawings really drew me in and I love how free flowing everything is. Check out her Facebook page for how to videos
  • Jane LaFazio – I’ve been following Jane for at least 7 years. I love that she uses watercolor and line drawing with pen. She also has some great fiber pieces that include felting and quilting. Follow on Facebook or Instagram
  • Kristi Nazzaro – I was drawn to the stitching she does on her pieces. Follow on Instagram
  • LorriMarie Jenkins – awesome YouTube channel and great videos. If you like things dark or grungy, this is the lady for you. I took a private online class from LorriMarie and she gave me some great feedback on my first page in my altered book.

There are quite a few others but I love these ladies’ styles and they all vary greatly. One thing that I have decided to embrace is using words in my mixed media tags and books. For a long time, I thought it was not the thing for me but I can see where these pieces of art can act as affirmations or reminders of things we want to be. Does that sound woo-woo? Maybe but I think sometimes we can get caught up in what’s going on in the outside world and forget about ourselves or how we’re feeling.

Enough of that? Want to see some very beginner pieces of art? I joined a tag swap in the Dina Wakley Facebook group an here are the first four tags I made. I tried to not do everything the same but I found a process that was working for me and tried it doing different stamps, backgrounds, stamps pads, and stitching. I stamped Be Bold on these four tags because they are very bright but I really like them.

I can’t find a picture of the altered book I started. If I do find one or take a new picture I’ll include it in the next blog post.

Happy creating!


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