Hand sewing hexagons


A mid week post is unusual for me but I thought I’d do one while I had the time. Tonight was hand sewing group at the local quilt shop. I always enjoy getting a little bit of time to sit and sew with the other ladies. I was able to sew a hexagon flower. It may seem like very little to have accomplished but there’s usually a lot of chatting going on too. You can see in the featured photo the hexagon I made. My apologies for the poor lighting and photo but it’s almost 11pm here as I’m writing this and there’s no natural light at this time.

I’m looking forward to an upcoming coast trip and having some additional time to sew with my mom and sister. I’ve been prepping for the trip by cutting out bags so when I’m at the coast I can just sit down and sew. I’ve been having so much fun picking out fabrics from my stash for each of the bags and mixing and matching color combinations.

My plan for the bags that don’t sell at the craft fair will be for them to go into my Etsy shop. Currently there isn’t anything in my shop and I’d like to change that as we move toward the end of summer and into fall. I’ve also been thinking about revamping my blog but that all takes time and I’m not sure it will happen right away.

In my other creative endeavors I made a mixed media mandala. I was inspired by an artist named Anahata Katkin and I really love her mandalas and illustrations. I feel a little late to the mandala party. It seems like something that was popular maybe 10 – 15 years ago and I’m just finding it now. I’m not sure why mandalas interest me so but they do so I’ll just go with it. I plan to experiment more with them and learning new techniques. In this particular mandala I made a packing tape transfer for the center image. It was quick and easy and the results are wonderful. I’ve also booked a class at a local art studio for the mixed media mandalas and am looking forward to teaching others. Hopefully people sign up for the class.

Happy Quilting!


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