Sewing fun at the Oregon coast


I’m back from my mini sew-cation at the Oregon coast. I had a wonderful time with my mom, sister, and Ansel. I did some sewing which was mixed in with a trip down to the beach and daily walks. Note to self… don’t take the stroller on the beach again! It was impossible to push through the sand. Rookie mistake!

As I mentioned in my last blog post I was busy prepping my sewing for the trip. Little did I know that it would take longer than anticipated and that I’d run out of supplies. I used up all my foam interfacing and medium weight fusible interfacing. It also took so long to trace the templates for the quantity that I want to make that I didn’t get anything cut out. It was definitely a learning experience and has me rethinking some of my choices of bags to sell.

So, I know you’re wondering what I made at the coast. To be honest, not as much as I had wanted. I completed two sets of Bellevue Pouches. Pattern by Sew Sweetness. This pattern comes in 3 sizes and I will be selling them in a set of 3, one in each size. I started a third set but did not finish it. I will hopefully get to that by the end of the week. My mom also helped me out by cutting out drawstring bags. I had all the fabrics picked out so it was easy to for her to jump in and lend me a hand which I really appreciate.

Happy Quilting!


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