February Wrap Up


After a couple stops and starts with my main machine she is back in working order. No more squeaking! Because my machine was in and out of shop this month I didn’t accomplish very much. I finished binding a passage quilt and dropped off a total of four quilts to the hospital. Some had been finished in January and went to the local quilt show at the beginning of the month. We had a small display to let people know about the Threads of Remembrance group.

I got together with my friend Janet on Monday and we both sewed on charity projects. I had blocks together for another Falling Charms quilt so I assembled it while we were sewing together.


I didn’t finish my One Monthly Goal of pencil pouches for my birthday party favors. It ended up being too much by the time I got my machine back from being serviced. I decided to get clear cellophane bags and put the goodies in them and it worked out well. No one was the wiser. We had a good time at my Neon Splatter Birthday Party! Here are some photos of us splattering paint and having a good time. The pictures are dark because we painted with the lights off and the black lights on. I even let my nephew squirt paint on me with a squirt gun. It was so freeing to just let yourself go and throw paint.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have a wonderful day and Happy Quilting!


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