A Yellow Haired Lady


Yesterday the latest Project Quilting challenge was announced. We’re onto challenge #4 now and the theme is Mellow Yellow. I decided I was going to do a portrait which is quite a challenge for me because usually my portraits end up weird. Something is always off so I’m challenging myself to do another portrait, to try to get better at them.

I recently discovered a watercolor artist named Hulya Ozdemir. I love her treatment of the backgrounds, clothes, and hair in her paintings. Let’s just say I love everything about them and wish I had some of her paintings to adorn my walls. She is my inspiration for this challenge.

I knew I wanted to use as much yellow as possible but not be too overwhelming so there would have to be some accent colors or darker colors in the piece. I pulled a bunch of yellows and started playing around with layout and which yellows would work well together. As soon as I saw the Alison Glass fabric that I used for the dress I knew it would be perfect and go well with the background piece and the hair.

I was very loose in how I drew and cut out everything trying not to be too much of a perfectionist. I used fusible on the back of the dress, neck, head and hair but left it off the facial features but I now wish I had used it on them. I have some fraying at the edges of some of the pieces. I may have to put a dab of fray check here and there to get things to lay down nicely.

File Feb 18, 5 09 50 PM

Overall I think she turned out well and I just have to be patient to quilt her until I get my Bernina back from the shop early this week. I’ll have plenty of time to think about how to quilt her.

Happy Quilting!


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