Octagons and a Village

Sewing a Village Week 1


The Village Sew Along started this week and I made my eight houses for the week. Like I said in my last blog post, I was inspired by Freddy Moran and I did my best to interpret her style. I used black on white polka dot fabric for the background, black prints for the roofs, all the doors will be red prints, and pulled bright fabrics from my stash for the main house part. I think they turned out rather well.


I started playing with some English paper pieced octagons and squares. I decided to use white, beige, and cream fabrics for the octagons and black for the squares that go in between the octagons. I pulled out my white fabric scrap box and went to town. In this picture I have 89 octagons but I made more later on and I have about 120 now. This is a long term project so I don’t plan to be done anytime soon with it. I think I’m making a throw so if I did my math right there’s 3,000 octagons in it. Wow! I’m keeping my scrap box and the paper templates out where I can easily access them so I can pick it up in the evenings and make 10 or so per night.

My main machine is in the shop for two weeks so I pulled out my vintage Singer 501A, also known as the Rocketeer for its space age look. I enjoy sewing on the Rocketeer but it lacks some of the modern functions that I’ve become accustomed to with my Bernina. I don’t have a walking foot or free motion foot for it so I’m in a holding pattern on things I need to quilt until I get my other machine back from the shop. So, no new finishes this week to report.

As for this week’s Project Quilting  challenge I took on something too complex and ended up abandoning it for the time being. I also lost my sewing mojo at the beginning of the week and took a two day break from sewing. I must have just needed some me time.

Happy Quilting!



  1. I love to channel Freddy Moran too, you have a great start here. I do a lot of EPP, and your idea for your throw quilt is fantastic. Love making hexies!


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