OSU Quilt Finished!

I made this Oregon State University, or Black and Orange, quilt last summer and it was quilted by Kelly Creek Studio but never got it’s binding put on it. I have sewn the binding on and hand stitched it down so this is another one I can check off the list. The pattern is a disappearing 4 patch but you cut the 4 patch on the diagonal twice instead of horizontal and vertical cuts. I feel like it turns the 4 patch into a more dynamic quilt.

OSU Quilt Finished

I signed up to make or finish 17 quilts in 2017. These quilts could be of any shape or size or be a quilted project. So far, I’ve finished 5 of my own projects and 5 sample quilts for my local quilt shop. I’d have to kick it in high gear and do nothing else for the next four months to finish all 17. I don’t know that I’ll take on 18 in 2018. A goal I’d like to strive for is to finish up the half done and almost done projects on my list before I dive into some newer projects that have been on the back burner.

Happy Quilting!



  1. This is lovely. Would you please tell me what size your four patches were and how the cutting/arranging was accomplished? I can’t quite figure it out. My brother went to OSU so this is especially meaningful. Thank you!


    • Hi Melissa! The four patches were 5-1/2″ in black and various oranges. I cut diagonal, corner to corner, in both directions. I found the picture on Pinterest, search for disappearing four patch and it should come up. I did have to trim down/square my blocks because when you sew everything back together things didn’t line up neatly at the edges. Let me know if you make one!


  2. Hi again. In my enthusiasm to work up a sample block, I’m still a bit confused. You mentioned that you cut diagonally corner to corner in both directions. Did you cut it just once, or twice both directions, and if twice, how far from the corners should the cuts be made? The example I found showed it being cut twice diagonally in only one direction, but I don’t think that’s what you meant (?). Thank you!


    • Great! I realized after my first comment that I did cut it twice in each direction. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to get back to you sooner. I was on quilt retreat until today. I’d love to see if when you’re finished!


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