Chunky Wee Zippy Pouches

This is a quick post and I’m off my regular posting schedule. I aim to have posts on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month but there’s so much going on right now that I want to blog about, I may blog every Monday in September.

I took a fun class from my LQS (local quilt shop) this past Saturday. The class was on the Chunky Wee Zippy Pouches pattern by Sam Hunter of Hunter’s Design Studio.

I chose to make the Tool Pouch. It’s similar in shape to the pencil pouch but a bit larger. I really like these pouches because the lining is fused to the outer fabric with stabilizer and you zig zag the edges to finish off the seams. It was a quick and easy project. I made 1 during the class and prepped 5 more to make the next day. I am keeping one and the rest are going to my roomies at the retreat. I plan to make two more pouches for prize baskets at retreat. These will be included in the baskets that have the multi-color set of FriXion pens in them.

Chunky Wee Zippy Pouches

Since I’m a lover of everything Tula Pink I made my pouch out of her new fabric line, Spirit Animal. I love the otter print! I’m thinking about making a pillowcase for myself out of it. Since my other pouches are going to my quilty friends I made them out of sewing related fabric.

Happy Quilting!



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