Quilt Retreat Prep

I am getting ready for the annual quilting retreat that the local quilt shop puts on and I help organize. We make gifts to give out to everyone at various times during the retreat, usually a little something left at each place setting before meals.

This week my mom and I made 48 block layout mats by sandwiching a piece of quilting fabric and a piece of batting (polyester, cotton or poly-cotton blend) and serging the edges. The pieces of your block stick to the batting so you can lay them out and transfer them from the cutting table, to your ironing board and sewing machine without anything shifting. After they are serged they can roll up and be tied for easy storage.

This is a great project for any leftover scraps of batting and they can made into any size you need.

Here are the basic instructions:


Prep your fabric by ironing all the creases out. Step outside and spray temporary adhesive spray for fabric on the batting. We used 505 spray. Place the fabric on and smooth. Cut your fabric and batting sandwich to your desired size. We chose a 15-½” square to accommodate a 12” square block. Serge all the edges and you’re ready to go!

Finished Layout Mats

Happy Quilting!


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