A little bit of everything…


So many things going on… I missed last week’s post so I have lots to tell.

The first weekend in January my mom and I ice dyed fabric at her house. We had a lot of fun together and we had good results. As an experiment I took a piece of canvas with me so I could see if it would dye well. It was 100% cotton so there was no reason it wouldn’t but it’s thicker than quilting cotton so harder to scrunch to get the peaks and valleys you want when dyeing.

Here’s three zipper pouches I made from the ice dyed quilting cotton. The sky was very dark that day so I could only take indoor photos and those were not well lit. I’m very happy with how they turned out.

My mom and I also finished this layer cake quilt. It had already been quilted and it needed the binding put on so she went ahead a did that while I was there. I took it to guild meeting to do show and share and then donated it to the guild for a local charity.

This past Friday I took the first of a two part class on the Running with Scissors Tool Case pattern. The pattern is from By Annie. During the class I was able to quilt my fabrics, cut all the pocket pieces and assemble all the pockets. Saturday night I was still jazzed from the class so I decided finish what I could on the tool case before next week’s class. I added all the pockets to the bag, added the handle and handle stabilizer. So I’m almost done with the first one. It still needs the corners rounded, the zipper added and the bias binding applied. The first one is for my mom and I started on a second one for myself. I don’t have zippers and mesh for my tool case so I’ll get as far as I can on that one before I have to go to the quilt shop to get those.

It could snow here this week but we’re in the valley so there may not be much accumulation.

Happy creating!


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