Another month gone by…


I looked at my blog and couldn’t believe it had been a month since my last post. So here it is the 1st of July and we are into summer. I’m thinking about summer plans: beach trips including Ansel’s first trip to the beach, berry picking and all the deliciousness that goes with that (pie!), a tie dye party with friends, and finally a bittersweet goodbye at the end of summer. My sister and her husband will begin their journey of traveling across the country with no particular destination so we will say goodbye for the time being in September.

On the creative front, I’ve got several things in the works but nothing in the finished stage. A friend is having a craft fair at her non profit at the end of her month as part of the town’s wine walk. I decided to take a table to see if I could sell some items. My goal is to sew from my stash and buy very little new fabric or supplies. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I’ve scaled back my offerings and will be offering 6-7 different sewn products in various fabrics. Examples are a knitting bag, drawstring bags, toiletry bags, a pencil pouch, lanyards, a wine bag and hopefully a makeup brush case. The makeup brush case is in the development stage. I’m altering an existing pattern so I’m crossing my fingers it works out like I want it to. You can tell I like bags because most of the things I sew that aren’t quilts are bags in some form or another.

Hoping to blog more this month and show what I’m making to sell.

Happy Quilting!


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