What did you like to do as a child?


There’s a video going around some of the sewing and quilting Facebook groups about this TED talk by Jane Werner. I really love her analogy of sewing and it’s process to other things we do in our lives and in the world. Her question for everyone to think about is “What did you like to do as a child?”

As a child I loved to work with paper and fabric. The paper was to make flowers and pinwheels, to cut shapes and to explore the properties of it. My sister and I also did something similar with fabric. My grandmother bought us some cheap knit fabrics and we used them to play dress up. How? I was allowed to use scissors to cut a piece here or make a hole there and then we creatively wrapped and draped them around our bodies to make new fashions. I would say that we learned the properties and what may or may not work and how to alter our vision based on the cuts we made and how we utilized the holes in the fabric. If I put my head through this hole and wrap the fabric this way, I get one look. If I instead put my arm through the hole and wrap the fabric a different way, I get another look. I loved this experimentation and it has probably been one of the things that has helped me through my life and into my creative outlet of sewing. I’ve linked to the video below. It’s about 15 minutes and definitely worth watching.

Last year I talked about wanting to experiment with fabric dyeing and my sewing more for the coming year. Unfortunately, life happens and that didn’t happen in 2018. I do have some similar goals for 2019 but will have to be more flexible with my time and my expectations because I now have a little one to take care of.

I did a brain dump of everything I’d like to accomplish next year and started looking at goal setting. Now I’m processing those goals and grouping them into like categories and evaluating, is this something I can accomplish or does it need to but put to the side for right now. And I’m also analyzing how my quilting life fits into my personal life right now. I won’t stop quilting and sewing but it’s definitely not at the forefront of what I’m doing right now, which is spending time with my son.

Happy Quilting!


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