A little tidying up…

When my mom was down earlier this week we started looking at how I store my fabric and how unorganized it was to the point that I didn’t really know what I had. We grabbed more bins from a big box store and set to work sorting through scraps and yardage, designating a place for the different types of fabric. I had six bins but ended up needing a total of 10 bins for my fat quarters and yardage. The scraps still need to be sorted by color into their shoe container size boxes. I plan to sort my larger pieces and yardage by color but the first step was just to get them somewhat organized. I think I’ll be sorting after the first of the year and it’ll be quite the undertaking. Next step is notions.

I’m having my family over for holiday dinner on the 23rd and hope to have a more organized space for when they come. My sewing area is the living room with extra storage in a spare bedroom. We never used the living room so we got rid of the furniture and I set up shop in there. It’s a wide open space but is also visible to the whole house. If we have company over and I didn’t clean up from my last project, everyone knows as they walk in the house.

I also feel better when I have a neat and tidy space. I’m able to think more creatively and not feel paralyzed by the lack of table space, items spread out everywhere or not being able to find the thing I just had. No pictures today as I’m still not done in the sewing area and not ready to share pics.

Happy Quilting!


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