Morning Frost

This morning I joined my walking group for a hike and it’s starting to feel like winter. It was below freezing but the sky was blue and clear and we warmed up quickly. I stopped along the way back to take pictures of fallen leaves sparkling with frost on them in the sun. It was a nice hike and I enjoyed being out and about.

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Switching topics, I spent the day after thanksgiving getting my holiday cards ready to be sent out on December 1st. My husband and I took the opportunity of a sunny Saturday at the beginning of November to head to our local park and take pictures of ourselves and the dogs. For the shot of us together my husband put the camera on a 10 second timer and ran over to where I was standing to get in the shot. It took a couple tries to get the shot we settled on. Our yellow Lab, Katy, is in the photo with my husband and he took photos of me with my Yorkies, Chewie and Mara. That was a long explanation for here are our holiday photos we used on our cards and I did indeed get them all done and dropped in the mail on December 1st. I think I haven’t gotten cards out in 4 years and I was determined to do it this year after we’d gone through the trouble of taking photos.

I hope your holiday season is shaping up to be a good one. We head off to a holiday open house with friends on Saturday and I’m hoping we get the opportunity to do the caroling horse drawn carriage ride around town this year. I can’t sing worth a darn but it’s fun.


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