Tula Nova

If you know anything about quilting and Tula Pink you have already heard of Tula Nova. For those that haven’t I’m going to share my progress on my Tula Nova.

Tula Nova is an English Paper Pieced quilt that came out with Tula Pink’s last line, Spirit Animal. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I made pillowcases out of the otter fabric from this line. I love the otters! Anyway, I bought the Tula Nova kit from my LQS and it had all the fabric except the background, the paper pieces, and templates. I want to choose my own background, white is the default but I’d like to see if I like a white on white print better. I wasn’t going to buy the kit but a lady picked up the last one and was looking at it and I was thinking to myself, “NO! Don’t buy that kit! I want it!”. That’s when I knew I had to have it.

So far I’ve gotten the center star and five of the outer stars complete. I work on it here and there so it’s slow going since it is all hand pieced. You can see my basting stitches in the pictures below where I’ve basted the fabric to the paper shapes before hand sewing them together. I prefer hand basting over gluing. I always seem to over glue.

Here are two of the stars I’ve completed. The grey otters with the pink points is the center star and yes, it is upside down in this photo. The green otter star is part of the outer ring of stars. As you can see most of the fabrics are fussy cut to showcase the fabrics.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That’s it for today. I missed posting yesterday because of what turned into a very long day but I’ll keep going for the 31 Day Blog Challenge! For a list of blogs participating go here.

Happy Quilting!


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