Let’s catch up!


It’s been 8 months since my last post back in December 2020. You all probably thought the blog died but I think about it from time to time and today I felt the need to write something. I often have an ebb and flow of creativity in my life. Sometimes it’s long periods of doing nothing with short bursts of activity. Sometimes it’s more constant. I’m not going to go into details but my creativity seems to be more constant right now.

I have an event coming up, I hope, in October… a fall craft show. I’m making fall inspired items for my booth and I’m looking forward to working the event with some friends. A couple of the bags I will have up for sale are Firefly Project Bags. If you remember, I love Noodlehead patterns by Anna Graham and she came out with the Firefly Tote in two sizes back in May/June. The Tote is the larger bag and the Project Bag is the smaller version. I love the drawstring top and the front zipper pocket/slip pocket combo. It’s great for a focus fabric.

I’m building up the courage to use some waxed canvas and make the larger Firefly Tote. I have some waxed canvas on hand so I did a test. I made a pencil pouch with waxed canvas and a metal zipper and I think it turned out really well. Here’s a couple photos:

I’ve also been trying to work through some of my fabric stash. I’ve made a handful of basic zipper pouches over the summer. They’re quick and easy for me to make when I have a short period of crafting time. I really loved this succulent fabric but I never used it so off it went into pouches. I was outside at a friend’s house and thought this was a cute place to put the pouches for a picture.

That’s it for today. I hope to be back next week with more fun makes but who knows.

Happy creating!


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