More Scissor Cozies


I have still been sewing away for the holidays but don’t have anything to show for it today. Today I went to the craft mall that I have items in to deliver the scissor cozies I’ve made in the last week and a half. Having a two year old makes it more difficult to sew and I do my best to make product for sale but sometimes I’m slow or don’t get as much done as I want to.

I wanted to take a variety of colors of scissor cozies to the craft mall so I made gray, blue, pink, and yellow scissor cozies from my scrap bins. I’m still overflowing with scraps because I found it doesn’t use up as much as I want but I’ll get there, one day. Today, I’m sharing the yellow scissor cozies I made. They’re so bright and cheery. In the picture I have one finished and one unfinished. You can see they shrink a bit because of the seam allowance.

Here’s my weekly reminder to you to visit Cheryl Sleboda of who is putting on the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge. This is my third year participating in it. I’ve missed several days but I’m doing better this year than I have before. Almost half way through the month. Let’s see if I can keep up and find enough content for you all to read.

Happy creating!

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