I’ve missed a couple days on the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge. I was busy the last couple days getting ready for two holiday parties on Zoom. The first was the Mt. Hood Quilt Guild holiday party on Tuesday. My mom presented a quick craft, a Danish Heart Basket ornament made of felt. She needed to demo on someone so she went through it Tuesday afternoon with me. During the party on Zoom, my mom demoed the ornament to the guild and then we used break out rooms to discuss a couple topics. It was a lot of fun, especially getting to know some people who I hadn’t met before. It is a much larger guild.

Last night was the Covallis Modern Quilt Guild’s holiday party. A portion of this past week has been spent getting ready for the party. I built the guild a new website and manage it and we had a few things to update before the party. This past Saturday, I played elf and picked up and dropped off Secret Santa gifts from some of our members. It was nice to get out for a little bit.

My friend, Janet, ended up getting my name in the draw and she made me this great pincushion. She used a square in a square block from the Gypsy Wife quilt she’s making. She also included peanut M&Ms. Yummy.

If you’re curious in visiting the Corvallis Modern Quilt Guild’s new website, it is corvallismodernquiltguild.org

Happy creating!

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