One Monthly Goal – March


I’m back to participating in the One Monthly Goal again. This month my goal is to finish two quilts. I know, kind of ambitious but as I’m writing this I have 6 blocks done for the first quilt so I’m halfway there with the top.

Here is one of the blocks from the first top. The pattern is called Hearts at Home by Chelsi Stratton. The pattern is available from her Etsy shop called Stratton Handmade. And I’m making two of them this month. The pattern calls for 16 blocks and for the quilt to be square but I’m making 12 blocks and making the quilt rectangular. They are both going to be quilts for fundraisers so I’m making on a deadline. The first quilt that I’ve got the 6 blocks done needs to be completed by Friday so I can deliver it for the event on the 10th. My hope is to be done with the top tomorrow but we’ll see. I have an ultimate deadline of Tuesday morning so the quilter can do her magic. Then I have to bind it.

The second quilt has a drop dead date of April 1st at the latest but I’m hoping to have it done mid month when my mom comes to visit and drops off the quilted top. I’m still pulling fabric for that one and have yet to start.

Whew! I have a busy week ahead of me. Best get back to it!

Happy Quilting!



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