Secret Sewing


I’ve been trying to keep up with a couple different projects right now and two of them I can’t really tell you much about. I don’t sew for quilt market so it’s not that kind of secret sewing.

One project I can tell you what I made: 4 wonky star blocks for a group quilt.

Stack of Fabric

The other project I’ve been working on is still in the cutting stage. I’m making a little something for each person who goes on retreat this year but that’s about all I can say. I’m picking out fabrics and cutting out the pieces right now. I still have quite a few to cut out and I still need to do the sewing part! I had started this project in the spring but then stopped and gave up after not getting very far. I decided to get back to it a week or so ago and I’m not sure that was the smartest thing. I’ve put myself on a pretty tight deadline. Because of this my Penguin Party quilt is on the back burner and the top probably won’t get finished this month for the One Monthly Goal challenge. That’s ok but I don’t want it to become a long term UFO.

In other news, my husband and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary last Wednesday. Here’s a little walk down memory lane. A photo of us at the wedding and the wedding quilt my mom made and quilted. The quilt is made out of batik and hand dyed fabrics. It’s unfortunate that the picture cuts off the top and bottom of the quilt.


Happy Quilting!


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