Penguins Party!


I wouldn’t consider my sewing mojo to be back but I did take some first steps toward getting it back. The past two weeks I have done some quilt planning and fabric shopping for those quilts. That was the fun part. Then I got home and looked at the cutting table and all the stuff piled up on top and came to a halt, put the fabric aside, and walked away.

Yesterday, after thinking a lot about what is going on I decided I needed to do something creative. I cleared off the cutting table and started to cut out Elizabeth Hartman’s Penguin Party pattern. I had a batik layer cake, purchased some black on black batik, and a light blue batik background. I think I’m going for surfing penguins like that Disney movie from several years back. I have no idea what the name of it is but I think I’ve watched it twice.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been making much of anything since I found out I was pregnant. Still trying to figure that one out. Along with not working on my own projects I haven’t made any passage quilts for the hospital either. I had four that needed binding and I just couldn’t do it so my mom went ahead and finished them off for me. We are behind on getting the hospital quilts since there’s just four of us working on it right now. The plan for fall and next year is to recruit more people for Threads of Remembrance and have a regular sew day each month. I have also committed to myself to make at least two quilts for a kids quilt drive by November. I have a couple panels that I can use so hopefully those will go quickly.

I would love to make a quilt for the baby but we’ll see what happens. The nursery is nautical themed. Whales, sailboats and anchors. I’d love to make a traditional blue and white sailboat quilt out of random blue fabrics in my stash. My mom has already made one quilt out of some ocean themed scraps, is working on the Preppy Pod whale quilt from Elizabeth Hartman and there’s a third one in the works as well. We’ll see if she gets to it. He’ll have plenty of quilts around.

Happy Quilting!


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