Winter Mountains & Trees


I postponed my usual Monday post because I was busy finishing up my April One Monthly Goal. I also wanted to wait until the Winter Mountains and Trees quilt had been gifted to post. The finished quilt is what turned out to be Plan C because Plans A & B didn’t work out so well. Oh well, in the end it turned out nicely and I finished just in the nick of time. Here are some pictures of my mom quilting it and the finished product.

I finished the quilt in time to take it to my mom’s quilt guild meeting on Tuesday and do show and share. Then it was gifted last night and I believe it was well received. Check another one off the list!

The guest for the guild meeting was Michael McCormick, Editor in Chief of Quiltfolk magazine. He spoke about his journey of being a semi-pro baseball player to where he is now and his life in the quilting industry. The goal of the magazine is to tell the stories of the quilts and the people who make them. He also brought free copies of the latest issue for everyone in the guild. The magazine doesn’t have any advertisements so it’s not cheap but it is beautiful and worth the money.

Next week’s post probably won’t drop til Wednesday because my mom and I are fabric dyeing Monday and I want to be able to photograph what we do and share it with you.

Happy Quilting!


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