A Vegan Holiday

Today we celebrate the holidays with my family. My sister and her husband became vegans this year and we are going to celebrate that with a vegan feast.

My sister, mom and I settled on the following menu:

Vegan Corn Chowder, Vegan Mushroom Rolls, Falafels, Hummus, Salad, Vegan Pumpkin Pie, and Vegan Pecan Tartlets. We decided to throw in a ham, stuffing and mashed potatoes for my husband and step dad. They’re not too keen on eating vegan.

I’ll have to let you know in tomorrow’s post how it went and what we thought of everything.

We may also go to the carousel after lunch and go for a ride. Even though we went to my husband’s holiday party there we didn’t have time to ride the carousel.

After we have dinner with my in laws on Christmas Eve we don’t plan to do anything on Christmas day or the day after so I think I’ll have some dedicated sewing time. I started a remembrance quilt today so I hope I can get the top done and at least cut out a shop sample for my LQS.

Happy Quilting!


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