18 Quilts in 2018!

This past year my LQS shop owner and I cooked up a plan to do 17 Quilts in 2017 and she ran it as a contest in her shop. Each person received a raffle ticket for each project they finished and those who finished all 17 were entered into an additional raffle for one bolt of black and one bolt of white solid fabric. The contest ran from January 1st to December 15th and we had a little party at the shop to draw for the winners. The person who kept saying she was going to win the grand prize bolts of fabrics, did indeed win them. I guess positive thinking helped her out. She also finished 31 projects. Second prize was $50 towards long arm quilting and there were other smaller prizes for people who participated but didn’t necessarily complete all 17.

I had tickets for 5 items because I stopped turning in my projects. I kept forgetting, so I had closer to 10 completed personal projects for the year. I didn’t count any quilts I made for my LQS. I also ran the 17 Quilts in 2017 on Facebook as a group. The group was a personal challenge so there were no prizes and people from all over the country and world were able to post photos of their finished projects in the group and keep track of what they’ve done. Since my LQS is doing 18 Quilts in 2018 next year I’ve decided to run the Facebook group for another year.

I’m looking forward to this next year. I feel like I’ve a renewed sense of self and creativity the last 3 weeks, probably because I’m blogging more and I cleaned up my fabric and work space. I now have a clean space to work in and the blogging inspires me to keep going and work on more projects. Now if I could just finish all my UFOs.

Happy Quilting!


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