Stitched by Hand

I felt like I had run out of things to talk about for today’s blog post so I looked through the photos on my phone for things to show anyone reading this. I found I had a couple of hand sewing projects that I could share today. Two of the projects are English Paper Pieced but not finished and the last is all hand sewn except for one seam that’s machine sewn.

File Dec 09, 6 54 30 PM

The first EPP project are hexies made out of Alison Glass fabric. I made the hexies from this one piece of fabric and found I didn’t have enough for the project I had intended so they were put aside for a later date. I sewed a bunch together to make a long strip and am going to sew them onto the cuff for a pillowcase. I have yet to figure out what color cuff, accent strip, and main fabric I want to use for the pillowcase.

File Dec 09, 6 55 12 PM

Next up are EPPĀ hearts made out of the jewel shape. I decided to make a Valentine’s Day pillow using these shapes. My vision was a cluster of these jewel hearts but when I laid it all out, it was just a red blob, so it’s in time out for right now until I figure it out. I may starch the heck out of the shapes, take the paper out, and machine applique them down onto the background. That could be fun!

File Dec 09, 6 54 45 PM

And last but not least is the macaron. I love these little macarons. You can put it on a key chain and store a little change in them or gift them with a small pair of earrings or a ring inside (hint, hint, guys). The tutorial for these is from Craft Passion. The first seam on the zipper with the ribbon is sewn with a sewing machine but everything else is hand stitched. I learned on this project that I should be using a thimble. I poked my finger with the eye end of the needle trying to push it through the fabric and zipper tape. Ouch!

I’m looking forward to finishing up the EPP projects and hope to put those on my 18 in 2018 finish it list for next year.

We attended a friend’s holiday open house this afternoon and my mom is visiting tomorrow and we’re going to work on more passage quilts for the hospital.

Happy Quilting!


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