A little knitting…

I’m working on a shawl called Dangling Conversation by Mindy Ross and I’m quite enjoying it. I’m using color changing cotton yarn by Wolle’s Yarn Creations which I’ve never used before and I like how it’s progressing. The knitted fabric starts to curl around upon itself and I find it very appealing.

We had a good time at my husband’s company party. It was held at the new carousel that was built this past summer in our town so it was our first time visiting it and it’s beautiful. All the animals on the carousel are hand carved and painted by volunteers and for the most part it’s run by volunteers. It’s been a big project for our town for quite a few years and it’s great to see the community coming together to support the building and running of it.

My husband does photography on the side and he set up his camera and took pictures of his co-workers and their families with Santa and Mrs. Claus. During a lull we jumped in front of the camera and took a photo with Santa. Not my best photo but oh well.

Imaging Holiday Party 2017 - 1c

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