31 Day Blog Challenge

Hello there! I’ve been absent from my blogging and I just saw this challenge on instagram from Cheryl Sleboda, @muppindotcom and thought I’d give it a try to jump start my blog and maybe garner some interest in what I do. So, what is it that I do?

I’m a crafter. I guess that’s the most basic way to put it. I make stuff, and not just one craft, a multitude of crafts. So many I can’t count sometimes. It boggles the mind. Can you tell I’ve been watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel?

Does my crafting always work out? No, of course not and usually you guys don’t see those things. Usually I share what I’m doing that is going well and my successes with those things once I get to the finish line. Maybe I should talk about my oopsies, failures, lack of interest projects. That would be different. Right now, I have a mountain of, well maybe 5 or 6, knitting projects on my side table next to the couch. I think 3 are being worked on and the rest are in hiatus. At least 2 I’ve given up on and have stolen the knitting needles out of the projects and the yarn is just sitting there. I haven’t even wound it back into a ball. It’s a mess.

I’m jumping around here so I’ll tell you what I have been doing… I’ve actually been in a sewing slump in terms of sewing at the machine. I’ve been hand sewing and knitting a little. I’m trying to knit a poncho, a shawl, and I made a cabled hat 2 weeks ago. I conquered the double point needles to finish my hat. Hand sewing wise I’ve been doing English Paper Piecing and working on my Tula Nova quilt. I just finished another star that goes in the outer ring of the quilt this morning.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That should do it for tonight. I fully expect tomorrow’s post to be short as tomorrow is the company holiday party and I have to be there for 5 hours helping my husband photograph the event. I may take a big nap after we get back.

Happy quilting? Crafting? who knows




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