Spring Clean Your Studio Blog Hop


Today I’m joining in on Cheryl Sleboda’s Spring Clean Your Studio Blog Hop! I’m so excited to be on this blog hop for it’s 6th year! My goal was to assess my sewing space and determine what I needed to make it more functional and clean. And then coronavirus started spreading and you all know where we are right now. I haven’t been able to get some items I wanted for my space including a new cutting table, a second desk, and some more lighting. So I’ve been at a standstill for a bit because of the need to not go out and about to stay safe.

Here are some pictures of my space before. Lots of piles and clutter and I need more lighting.

I’ve been bummed about not being able to complete this project but I did start sorting my UFOs out of the general pile into their own separate container. There’s more UFOs than fit in the box so some are in brown paper bags stored below my cutting table. It’s not ideal but it’s what’s going to happen for the moment. I also cleaned off my cutting table so I can actually work on it. I’ve found I store more stuff on it than use it so I need to let it go and get something smaller and reclaim some of the floor space.

The main reason my space gets so cluttered and dirty is that I don’t always clean up after each project and then everything piles up. So my main goal is to clean up after each project so I can start anew each time.

Check out the other stops on the blog hop so you can get see some other sewing studios in their before and after state.

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Happy Quilting!



  1. I am glad to see I am not the only one who ends up with piles all over my space. I too am making it a goal to be better at cleaning things up. I am setting the goal of making it part of my daily ritual, we shall see…


  2. I’m bad about cleaning up after each project but I’m getting better! Sorry you had to delay the reorg, but hopefully by now you have that new table, desk, and the lighting you need!


    • Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten the new desk since we’re still experiencing shut downs due to coronavirus. The county I live in has had some restrictions lifted but the area where IKEA is, has not had restrictions lifted so I’m still waiting to get up to Portland. I feel like I’ve been such a slug and haven’t accomplished much in my sewing area and sewing in general. Hope to get back into the swing of things soon.


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