31 Days of Blogging Challenge


Two years ago I participated in Muppin.com’s 31 Days of Blogging Challenge. I did it with no planning so I didn’t end up having a blog post for all 31 days but did a total of 15 throughout the month of December. Not bad when you think about it. I haven’t been blogging very much so this may jump start me to get back on track with a weekly blog. It’s been hard to get to projects with a little one almost running around but I’m working on taking some time in the evenings to sew a bit.

What you can look forward to for the month of December on my blog: a gift guide, an exploration of some blocks I like (hint: stars and updated vintage), a couple posts of different techniques, and updates on my quilting and craft projects.

I guess this technically counts as Day 1 as today is December 1st. Woohoo! Off to a good start!

Happy Quilting!



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